Why Us


Printers generally categorized under high maintenance equipments, amounts to a major share of incurred expenses of any business. Renting a printer from Limpex for your business could help you easily overcome this expense and save the huge initial investment involved. The smooth functioning of these equipments is assured by Limpex through frequent service which reduces downtime and help maintaining ongoing performance.

Hiring a multi-functional printer from Limpex will give our valued customers complete peace of mind as the expert team at Limpex are ready to give them an A to Z analysis of the workflow and provide a rental product that befits the exact requirement. Apart from the friendly, efficient and reliable service, Limpex offers flexible printer rental agreements and keep the lengthy contracts aside. Limpex deliver fast and round the clock technical support to keep your operations run smooth. So why wait, just request a call back from a member of Limpex team and discuss the tailor-made solutions available for your exclusive needs.


At Limpex the options are unlimited. Choose the best one that perfectly suits your needs to lease or rent photocopiers, printers and multi-function devices and forget the tension of arranging initial capital outlay.

Innovation at its best

Leasing / renting solution offered by Limpex is ideal for companies who need to conserve cash flow and bank lines so as to cut down the printing cost and precisely plan a monthly budget for the same. The plan is also apt for those who want to hire training equipments for shorter durations, for specific projects and rent equipments for conference or events.

Short-term equipment rentals

Limpex saves your precious money, time and effort of buying expensive equipment s for short periods. Short term leasing plans offered by Limpex is ideal for training sessions, conferences, Events and temporary staff. Whether your business needs printing equipment hired for daily, weekly or monthly basis Limpex has a suited plan and delivers accordingly.

Long-term equipment rentals

As studies show that only less than eighty percent of the staffs use less than twenty five percent of their computing prowess and even then the company is destined to pay a premium for the idle capacity too. At Limpex, we offer alternative equipments at half the price of new over three years so that they can avoid the delay of making complicated decisions on unnecessary investments and high premiums.

Limpex understands the mighty revolution happening in the business arena around the globe and the daunting task of replacing or upgrading your office printing equipments in tune with the changing technological trends. With a professional on-site technical team ready to assist with any maintenance on our printing equipment, Limpex responds rapidly to the enquiries coming our way, and can assist immediately with simple paperwork approved within a day of completion.


Deadlines are not the only thing we value most. Team Limpex stands committed to provide our esteemed clientele with products of supreme standards in required specifications, foolproof service and uninterrupted communication and excellent service.

The Responsible Partner

Limpex, With unmatched service among the names in the trade understand the importance of reducing downtime for any business irrespective of location, size and category. Limpex has a readymade solution to your needs so as to boost up efficiency and enhance production without any hiccups.

The round the clock call centre

The team at Limpex Call Service Centres are no doubt the best in the job and are experts to handle the toughest of situations with ease. They are professionally trained to gift their customers with all the possible information and are willing to extend their help whenever the client needs it.

The Service Team

The professionally qualified and highly experienced service engineers of Limpex are the frontline soldiers who keep our brand flag fly high. They are ready to spend as much time you want to find the right solutions for your problems and their no compromise attitude will surely find the best solutions in the shortest time. Apart from rectifying the immediate issues, preventive maintenance measures for future are always taken to increase the reliability and longevity of the equipments.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Limpex office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.